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DARKNESS FALLS for Piano solo

Andy Costello (Piano)
Tanna Music Hall, Schulich School of Music, McGill University
February 2nd at 8pm

MANIFESTO for Cello Solo

*World Premiere
Marie-Michel Beauparlant
Musique 21, musique de chambre et musique électronique
Sala Rossa, Montreal, Quebec.
March 12th at 8pm

TRAMONTO for 12 Mixed Voices

Alexandra Fol (conductor)
Fofa Gallery, Montreal, Quebec
April 30th at 7pm

MANIFESTO for Cello Solo

Marie-Michel Beauparlant
Staller Center for the Arts, Stony Brook University, New York.
May 11th at 6pm

 NEMESIS for Orchestra

34 Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez
Mexico National Symphony Orchestra
José Luis Castillo (conductor)
June 9th at 12pm

HEILIGENSCHEIN for harp and percussion

Passport Concert
Duo Harpverk
Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland.
November 25th at 7pm

SO-US-UP for Fixed Media

*World Premiere
Music for Speaker Orchestra
Clara Lichtenstein Hall, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
December 5th at 8pm

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